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A research study conducted by Yoo (2013) demonstrated that the utilization of Functional tape was good at the reduction of forward head posture. In the study that Yoo (2013) performed, he concluded that the forward head posture angle significantly decreased for participants during computer work with neck retraction tape when workers who did not utilize tape. In a study conducted by Saavedra-Hernandez, et alabama. (2012), it was concluded that Functional Taping is a wonderful treatment protocol for decreasing neck pain and disability in individuals presenting with mechanical neck pain. According to Huang et al. (2011) the beneficial effects of Functional Tape include physical corrections, fascia relaxation, space recuperation, ligament and tendon support, movement rectification, and lymphatic fluid distribution. Implementing Posture Taping making use of clients is a easy way to get better results and increase your collections per visit without spending acquiring time per client.

Adding Posture Taping to your treatment tool belt helps improve results, compliance, and satisfaction. Posture Taping is really a Win-Win. DOWNLOAD A FREE 7-MINUTE VIDEO ON POSTURE TAPING: To learn more information on Advanced Posture Taping get this free video Advanced Posture Taping Solutions. In this video you will quickly realize the Posture Taping protocols in action with step-by-step instruction and expert application tips. Your Success is Our Priority, get the free video and begin implementing Posture Taping right away of your clients. Dont as being a YouTube Taper, be an Advanced Posture Taper! References: Gomez-Soriano, J.

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