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In just 15 minutes a day Smart Back Brace will dramatically change your look! It pulls your shoulders back with straps and it knows when you are slouching! Look Better!

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Correct your posture using Smart Back Brace (SBB)

The SBB will pull your shoulders back using straps. After that, the smart electronics in SBB can accurately tell when you are slouching and then warn you to stop doing it.

Fully Guaranteed

Your posture improved within 30 days or return for a full refund.

iPhone & Android

SBB is compatible with all iPhone 4+ and Android 4.3+ smartphones.

One Size Fits Most

The SBB was designed to fit most body types - from kids to adults.

Long Lasting

MicroUSB Rechargeable battery will last days on one charge.

Why Smart Back Brace is better?

  • While other "smart" posture correcting devices are measuring an angle of your body in relation to vertical axis, the SBB is measuring how slouched your shoulders are. This is a much more accurate way to determine bad posture. It produces virtually no false-positive warnings.

  • The SBB has straps that go around your shoulders. It actually, physically helps you to pull those shoulders back. The other "smart" posture correctors are simple clip-on or stick-on gadgets. They do not physically help you. With SBB you get double the value - standard clavicle brace is combined with "smart" posture sensing technology.

Look better! Feel better!

Proper posture is a must for healthy body.

Don’t waste your money on those other, gimmicky posture correcting gadgets – they do not work. Smart Back Brace is guaranteed to work or your money back! You will feel it the very first time you put it on! It’s time you fix your posture problem:

$99.99, includes free 2-day shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQ's bellow, they explain how exactly SBB will help you!

Indeed, it does. However, you must understand that correction of posture is a process – not one time thing. To be successful, you must stick with the routine – then, over time, your muscles will remember the proper way and will stay in proper posture even without the device.
No, it does not. Bad posture comes in all kinds of flavors: miss-aligned spine, uneven shoulder height, skewed hip placement and many others. Smart Back Brace fixes only the most common one – slouching (also known as hunching - when you pull your shoulders forward and hunch your back). We strongly recommend for you to consult your doctor before using SBB. Only your doctor may properly diagnose your condition and recommend treatment. If your doctor prescribes clavicle brace, you are in luck – this is when SBB could really help you!
The SBB requires BlueTooth 3.0+. This feature is available on iPhones 4+ or Android 4.3+ Please check with your smartphone manufacturer if your phone has BlueTooth 3.0. To install SBB app, please search your app marketplace for “Smart Back Brace” – it’s free. At this time, we do not support any other operating systems.
For Apple's iPhones: Download SBB iPhone App
For Android Phones: Download SBB Android App.
All of our apps are free.
The SBB works similarly to a fitness tracker – it records all sessions so later user may review the progress. Because posture correction is a process, it is important to give SBB some time to start working. The 30-day, full-refund, return guarantee requires the SBB will have at least 10 hours of use – as logged in internal memory of the device. Meaning: that you need to wear SBB for at least 10 hours before you may return it for a full refund. The guarantee does not cover any other cases. However, if you are not satisfied for any reason, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way possible.
Yes, unlike other clavicle braces, the SBB was designed to have straps that are easy to tighten and loosen. It has the adjustment buckle on the front – you may pull on the end of the strap to tighten or lift the buckle to loosen. It works the same way at the straps on the standard backpack. Therefore, to put it on by yourself: you would loosen the straps and easily slip your arms in, then tighten by pulling on the strap. To take it off by yourself: lift the buckle to let the strap slip, then take your arm from the loop.
The SBB was designed with “one fits most” philosophy in mind. The strap length is highly adjustable. We have tested SBB on various people: from 4’ tall, 70 pound, 10-year-old kid to 6’5”, 300 pound bodybuilder. In all cases the SBB was able to adapt and worked fine.

Doctor Recommendation of SBB:

The Smart Back Brace was first field-tested in Malaysia in October 2016. Malaysia offers a world leading medical facilities and provides independent, 3-rd party testing labs. Dr Fatih was in charge of testing SBB with his patients. Dr Fatih is one of the leading spine doctors in Malaysia and in this video he explains why proper posture is important and how SBB can help.
Dr Fatih Dan Rakan, K&L Spine Clinic - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Video Testimonial #1:

Here is a short, user-submitted video testimonial/review by Chuck K. from Minnesota. He tried SBB for a couple of days before sending this to us.

Video testimonial #2:

Our customer Oshard from California has sent us this short video testimonial/review about Smart Back Brace posture corrector.

Most Helpful Tip:

How to properly put SBB on Raise your arms out, as shown, when tightening straps. The SBB must fit snugly around your shoulders when your arms are stretched out. This will allow you to tighten and straighten straps easier. Therefore, when you lower arms, it will result in a better fit.

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