What are the (physical) risks of poor posture Part 3 Arthritis - Smart Back Brace

All tissues wear out once the stress on them exceeds their capacity to heal and adapt. Degenerative arthritis is a universal human condition everybody develops it eventually, to a point. It seems like a super reasonable guess that tissues wear out unevenly once they are loaded unevenly very much like shoes wear out unevenly in proportion to how uneven your gait is certainly.34 Some people develop arthritis much faster than others, and poor posture certainly is a likely suspect. Plenty of research does confirm a logical outcomes of posture and arthritis. For instance, a 2012 study of knee arthritis an excellent place to look35 demonstrated that people who already have arthritic knees are bigger leaners, and their gait is consistently different than people with healthy knees, and they probably werent walking differently because of pain. That is, the crookedness probably caused the arthritic pain, as averse to arthritis just making them walk crookedly.

36 On the other hand, we have all the research presented earlier and a lot of more that janky biomechanics just generally dont match up very well with chronic pain. Arthritis itself is often surprisingly painless. Again with the knee, one of the most popular theories in musculoskeletal medicine is that uneven control of the kneecap due to abnormal anatomy and/or posture can the cartilage on the underside of the kneecap to degenerate painfully, which consequently causes a common form of knee pain, patellofemoral issue. And yet, in fact, degeneration on the patellar cartilage can be painless.37 I could back again to and forth with the research all day, but the messiness of the evidence is the answer. Poor posture probably can hasten joint decay, it's not a major factor.


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