Smart Back Brace - How-To-Videos:

How To Assemble Video:

In this short and easy video we explain how to assemble SBB straps. First, please take out all the parts from the box and lay them out as shown. Then thread the tri-glider on the belt attached to the top of the strap. Next, thread the long bottom belt through the hoops of the strap and through the adjustment buckle. Lastly, attach the top and the bottom parts to the main SBB unit. Repeat the same procedure for the other side.

How To Adjust Video:

This video explains how to properly use your Smart Back Brace (SBB) posture correcting device. Video explains how SBB works and how to properly adjust straps. At the end, it also troubleshoots some common issues.

4 Posture Corrector Review:

In this video I review 4 different posture correction products.

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