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You Changed My Daughters Life!

Why there is no one best posture and how to improve yours

Why Should you Have Good Posture

Why Posture Matters

Why poor workplace posture can lead to pain and what to do about it

Why Is Posture Important

When Does Posture Matter

The Science of Posture Sitting up straight will make you happier, more confident and less risk-averse

Systematize Your Posture Exams to Optimize Your Outcomes

Pre-Educated New Patients from Posture Workshops

Posture, Growth and Healthy Emotions

Posture and the Alexander Technique

Posture analysis and Back pain

Inside Look at the Top Posture Certification

How Bad Sitting Posture at Work Leads to Bad Standing Posture All the Time

Generate a Steady Stream of New Patients with Professional Posture Packets

Experts say poor posture may cause more than just back pain

Equip Your Clinic with the 3 Most Important Postural Correction Strategies

A Head's Up on Posture Don't Be a Slouch

A Guide to Good Posture

The Posture Taping Secret for Triathletes

Text Neck the Health Epidemic of the Tech Era

Race to Health Proper Posture for Efficient Energy Expenditure

Posturology A Scientific Evaluation of Postural Alignment

Posture Tape for Chronic Pain Patients

Inside Look at the Top Posture Certification

How to Set Up a Posture Practice on a Small Budget

How to Make Your Posture Practice a Mindset Monopoly

High School (Health) Drama Debilitating Effects of Text Neck

Head Posture Restoration to Relieve Orofacial Pain

Have You Tried this Postural Correction Strategy for Neck Pain

Get the Research on Posture and Productivity

Fall Prevention for Elderly Patients

Evidence-Based Non-Surgical Strategies for Managing Cervical Radiculopathy

Discover 5 Benefits of Functional Tape and Know with Certainty Why it Works

Diaphragmatic Respiration, a Key Element to Postural Correction

5 Reasons You Should Become a Posture Expert

5 Reasons Why Functional Tape is the Solution to Ethical Practice Growth

3 Research Studies Linking Posture and Carpal Tunnel

3 Reasons Your Clients Want Posture Tape

Winter is Coming! Prepare your Posture

The Shift from Segmental Rehabilitation to Brain Based Postural Correction

The Neurology of Postural Movements

The Most Common Places to Have the Worst Posture

Research Demonstrates that Vision Affects Head Posture

Race to Health Proper Posture for Efficient Energy Expenditure

Proper Posture to Protect Your Knees

Postural Neurology is Your GPS to Better Results

Postural Correction Care for Patients Suffering from Asthma

Overcome the 3 Most Common Limiting Beliefs of Neurology by Implementing Postural Neurology

How Better Posture will Help You Achieve Your New Year’s Resolution

Headaches Be Gone

Everything You Need to Know About Tech Neck

Dynamic Postural Stabilization

Core Training Optimizes Precision of Foot Function

Are You Ready for Some Football Get the Facts of Cervical Spine Injuries

3 Easy-to-Implement Vestibular Exercises

“How Postural Neurology Invigorated My Practice” Part 3

“How Postural Neurology Invigorated My Practice” Part 2

“How Postural Neurology Invigorated My Practice” Part 1

Tech Neck Torment

Tall Posture, High Self-Esteem

Sleep Solutions for Stiff Back Syndrome

Proper Sleeping Posture for ‘Brain Drain’

Productivity Plummets with Poor Posture

Posture Reactivation Strategies to Grow Your Practice

Postural Neurology Course Review

Postural Biomechanics for Better Health and Human Function

Neurology of the Posture System

Motor Imagery is Linked to Reversal of Posture Dysfunction

Is the School System Failing the Health Needs of Your Child

Get Better Results with Brain Based Postural Correction

From Fallen to Fall-Proof

Evidence-Based Guidelines for Patients Suffering from Migraines

Digital Dementia A Modern Day Health Epidemic

Athletes and Postural Correction The Winning Combination

4 Posture Stretches to Prevent Back Pain

3 Tips to Prevent Postural Fatigue at Work

3 Reasons You Love Your Cerebellum

3 Desk Exercises to Prevent Neck Pain

Your Brain On Technology

Why Postural Correction Is Important For Patients With Concussion

Vagus Baby! 3 Ways to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve

The Top 5 Reasons Why Corporations Need An Ergonomic Expert

The Shocking Consequences of Poor Ergonomics

The All Time Worst Airport Postures (and what to do instead)

Real Posture or Active Posture The Important Distinction for Accurate Brain Based Posture Analyses

Proper Posture for Higher Engagement and Cognitive Performance

Pain Is In The Brain

Movement Science Human Neurology in Motion

Maximize Your Brain Power With Brain Based Ergonomics

How to Create Neuroplastic Changes of the Posture System

How Chiropractors & Health Care Professionals Are The Solution To Poor Ergonomics Costing American Businesses Billions of Dollars

Become a Certified Ergonomist and Grow Your Practice Exponentially

Are You Sitting Yourself to Death

5 Reasons Why Posture Rehabilitation Improves Proprioception

5 NEAT Ways To Burn More Calories At Work While Conquering Sitting Disease

3-Step Ergonomic Makeover (That Won’t Cost You A Penny!)

3 Ways To Improve Postural Balance

‘Walk the Walk’ with Gait Analysis

Why Good Posture Matters & 3 Key Strategies to Improve Posture

Top 7 Posture Research Studies of 2016

The Ultimate Guide to Posture Taping


Sitting positions to avoid

Sitting positions for good posture

Resisting postural assessment, or how I made a newbie massage therapist cry once

Posture Therapy Why You are the Solution to a Serious Health Crisis

Posture Affects Standing, and Not Just the Physical Kind

Pain levels according to the general characteristics of the participants

Outdated Ergonomic Education Has Failed You

One Simple Solution for Top 3 Chronic Pain Conditions

Now Open For Enrollment Postural Ergonomics Certification Complete Review

Get the Research

Fitness Beyond the Gym How to Achieve your New Year’s Resolution of Better Health and Fitness

Effect of an exercise program for posture correction on musculoskeletal pain

Don’t Be a YouTube Taper

Conclusions Posture is almost

Case study of a bad example

3 Ways to Improve Your Posture by Correcting & Preventing Sublaxation and Forward Head Posture

Why good posture matters

What poor posture is not Upper-Crossed Syndrome (and its ilk)

What is posture

What is good posture

What is “poor” posture

What are the (physical) risks of poor posture Part 3 Arthritis

What are the (physical) risks of poor posture Part 2

What are the (physical) risks of poor posture Part 1

What are the (emotional) risks of poor posture

Visualize, dramatize, and role-play

Use props and tools

Should you try to change your posture

Is the goal of good posture to “stand up straight” To be “aligned”

Improving posture by force of will

Improve posture with general activity


Ergonomics the art of eliminating postural stresses

Does posture matter

Does Posture Correction Matte

Can you change posture

These 12 Exercises Will Help You Reap the Health Benefits of Good Posture

The Ultimate Guide to Posture

The Power of Good Posture

The 7 Best Posture Correctors to Buy in 2019

Straight facts about improving your posture

Sick of Slouching 6 Ways to Restore Proper Posture At Your Desk


Posture is not about holding a static position and sitting up straight.

Posture and Body Mechanics

Posture Align yourself for good health

Learn more about Posture

Guide to Good Posture

Good Posture Helps Reduce Back Pain

Good posture - looking after your back

Common posture mistakes and fixes

Back Health & Posture

Are you sitting comfortably the myth of good posture

9 Ways Posture Affects Your Health That Might Surprise You

9 Tips for Better Posture

4 ways to turn good posture into less back pain

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