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Today's current study included 88 (34 males and 54 females) students from S university located in K the city. The mean ages of the men and women participants were 23.4 and 21.1 years, respectively (Table 2). The purpose and procedures of the research were fully explained to the participants, and demographic data were collected from participants who agreed to with the study. Information regarding pain level was collected using a questionnaire. All research materials were pumped to the Committee of Science Research of Inje University for approval.

Table 2. General characteristics of the study participants (n = 88) Male (n = 34)Female (n = 54) Age (yrs)23.2 associated with.1a21.3 1.7 aValues are meanSD The initial evaluation and postprogram evaluation of pain were performed using the visual analog scale; each participant marked pain levels in the neck, shoulders, middle back, lower back, and pelvis on a 10-point scope.

After explaining the pain scale, the participants indicated their current pain level by selecting a number from 0 (no pain at all) to 10 (unbearable pain), that had been displayed along a horizontal line. This scale is widely used in clinical settings as end up being known to best reflect the pain level and possesses been utilized as an important tool to gauge the effectiveness of pain treatment11). Between September 2, 2013 and November 3, 2013, the program for posture correction was performed for 20 min per session, 3 times a week for two months. The exercise program was reported by the program presented a study by Park and Park8). The exercise enter in the first week mainly included stretching, while the program from the second week towards eighth week included activities for correcting bad posture and straightening body shape, which will help improve concentration and be continued marriage ceremony study (Table 1). Table a person specific.

Exercise program for posture correction WeekItemExercise instructions Week 1Deep breath1. Lift both arms while inhaling through the nose. 2. Lower arms forward while using the harvest from. Straightening shoulders and flanks1. While seated, straighten your right hand and put your left hand on your waist.

Incline your body toward the left side while counting one, two, three, four. Return to grew to become position while counting five, six, seven, eight. 2. Carry out the same action on another side. Calf stretching1. Sit on the middle from the chair and stretch your left leg forward.

2. Cross both hands while bending your pectoral toward large toe of one's right forefoot. 3. Perform the same action on when you have side. Squat while seated1. Perform squat while seated about the chair.

2. Shake both hands and each of your arms by moving them a lot as possible. Weeks 28Pelvic tilt exercise1. While seated with your back in contact with the back of the chair, grab your shoulders with hands crossed at breast level and pull the back. Rest your buttocks firmly close to the chair and spread your legs and lordosis of the lower reverse. - Pull your jaw downward and droop your head toward your breast.

Inhale and then exhale by your mouth purchasing down and bending your back, while stretching both elbows toward the pelvic joint. Keep posture a lot more than 10 seconds and then return to your original posture. Spine flexibility exercise2. Inside cat pose, straighten your right leg slowly while maintaining a neutral posture (linear) of the spine (do not lift or detach the right pelvis). In the same time, lift your left armpit. Relax muscle strain after maintaining the pose for 10-seconds and lower that left arm and right leg.

Adductor muscle strengthening exercise3. Pull your jaw downward while relaxing on ground and bend both hips. Move both knees to your breast, and wrap the knees of your hands. Then pull them toward your breast. Revisit the original posture after maintaining the pose for over 7 mere seconds. Body stretching4.

Kneel down and straighten both your arms email. Straighten your shoulders and touch the floor. Lower muscle static strengthening exercise5. While seated, bend both your legs and cross both legs. Push your ankles in opposite directions to create contact. Keep up with the posture for 10 seconds, and then relax.

Abdominal muscle strengthening exercise6. Lie recorded on the floor, looking at the ceiling and raising both your joints. Lift your pecs slowly and wrap each arm around your knees. Maintain the posture for five seconds purchasing at your belly switch. Return to the posture and repeat high-quality procedure thrice. Head and neck stretching7.

Straighten your neck and lower back while pushing down your vertex with both of your hands crossed. Keep the posture for 3 seconds, and then stretch your shoulders and elbows, relaxing the strained neck and shoulder area. Open in the separate window The collected data were analyzed using SPSS for Windows, version 18.0. Frequency analysis was performed to review the general characteristics from the participants. The independent t-test and paired t-test were performed to evaluate pain with regards to the general characteristics within the participants contains compare pain levels pre and post the program, respectively.

For verifying statistical significance, relevance level was set near a = three.05. Go to: RESULTS Pain levels according to the general characteristics of the participants are presented in Table or perhaps. Pain levels the actual neck, shoulders, middle back, lower back, and pelvis were recorded using discomfort scale. Phrases of of gender, female participants had higher pain levels compared to those in male participants. Phrases of of sitting time, participants with a figure sitting time period of 46 hours per day had the actual pain thresholds.

Additionally, in comparison to its sitting habits, participants by using a slouching habit had the biggest pain counts. Participants who did not exercise regularly had higher pain levels compared individuals in participants who exercised regularly..

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