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How did I make a young massage therapist cry? I told her I didnt want to spend $1/minute on a postural assessment. I was polite and nice about it, but she was one of the people deer-in-headlights youngsters who probably would have burst into tears at the slightest provocation. Sort of adorably, she tried to take a sophisticated stand: This is things i need to do so that they can to do my job properly! Insert tremulous little foot stamp. But as i continued to politely demand getting a massage as opposed to standing there in my shorts hemorrhaging cash, with no conceivable improvement to my experience, the lip begin to quiver and then she pretty much lost all composure. Oh dear. And why did I do that? Joe Brence, PT, explains it very nicely: Drop the plumb line static posture assessments were so last few years. At that point in doing my career, Id already had about a bazillion postural assessments, with every imaginable rationale and manufacture result.

I continued to politely insist on obtaining a massage instead of standing there in my shorts hemorrhaging cash.Although there are certain themes (yes, lookit that, my right foot does turn out, by golly), by far the strongest theme of all is always that the results of postural scans are extremely unreliable. And the idea that such assessments can meaningfully inform one hour of therapy for this is really pretty hilarious. Some excellent comments regarding topic from Facebook discussion: Moving assessments are way less boring for everyone, and convey much more information, nonetheless allow time for the practitioner's brain to cook a method to begin to implement a treatment strategy/path into and using the morass that lies coming up. Diane Jacobs, PT Its only purpose is ritual. May as well throw some bones at them, take a how the bones land and say hmmm ominously.

Michael Reoch, RMT I enjoy pathologizing healthy posture. It gives us a sense of purpose. Les Glennie, RMT.

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