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Abstract [Purpose] The present study investigated the effect of an exercise program for posture correction on musculoskeletal pain. [Subjects] Between September 2, 2013 and November 3, 2013, an exercise program was performed in 88 students from S University in K city (male students, n = 34; female students, n = 54). [Methods] The daily workouts for posture correction was performed for 25 minutes per session, 3 x a week for 2 months. Pain levels were measured utilizing a pain scale, and pain levels before and after the workout program were analyzed. [Results] Overall, pain levels of the participants were lower very first exercise program than replicate program, and significant differences in pain levels were noted in the shoulders, middle back, decrease back. [Conclusion] In conclusion, shoulder pain, mid back pain, and low discomfort were relieved with the exercise program for posture correction. Therefore, the findings of this study can be employed to improve the work efficiency of students as well as people engaged in sedentary work.

Key words: Posture correction exercise, Posture, Pain Go to: INTRODUCTION Presently, having a computer is very common, as computers are being widely used homes and workplaces, as well as the working time in a sedentary posture is increasing1). Especially, children and teenagers are spending never ending hours seated on a desk or working using a computer a new consequence of excessive learning activities at private educational institutes, group private lessons, or home learning. Generally, posture is defined as the relative disposition of this body parts in relation to its the physical position, for example standing, lying down, and sitting. Correct posture involves a straight spine, which maintains the natural curve belonging to the spine the particular human body2). Correct posture minimizes force on our bodies by maintaining balance belonging to the muscles and skeleton. This balanced musculoskeletal state protects the supporting structures in the body and prevents damage or progressive deformation in all positions, including standing, lying down, and sitting.

Additionally, correct posture implies not inclining demands at least forward, backward, left, or right3). Therefore, the significance of correct posture should be emphasized, and correct sitting posture is especially important due to the fact strain across the back is greater in a sitting posture than a standing or lying down posture, even though some differences become present between postures4). Employing a computer requires maintaining a seated posture for a long time, and therefore, it's very difficult to maintain correct posture5). People tend to change their posture as mentioned by habits, with regard to example slouching and crossing the legs, and they maintain careless posture associated with their recognition of incorrect posture and desire sustain correct posture. If incorrect postures become a habit at a age, individuals maintaining those postures may adapt and consider them comfortable, this kind of can cause strain about the spine, pelvis, muscles, tendons, joints, bones, and discs, which leaner, better-shaped fatigue and deformation6). Thus, incorrect habits, such as excessive regarding computers, regarding desks and chairs without correct height, involving health care education, not enough exercise, carrying heavy school bags, and inappropriate postures when studying or watching television, attack the shape of muscles, deform the skeleton, and cause abnormal development, which prohibit the repair of correct posture7).

Incorrect posture has many negative effects on the spine. For example, joint imbalance limits the movement of the tendons and muscles and makes normal exercise and movement very hard. Additionally, incorrect posture can cause pain8). Moreover, such a posture indicates an incomplete relationship among body parts, and can establish inefficient balance owing to stress on the supporting structures of you should take in and prevents proper functioning of the structures for this body. Throughout the day . cause problems in appearance as well as pain and physical disability9).

Therefore, correct posture is of importance to maintaining balance of the body, proper arrangement of supporting structures, and effective functioning within the body; therefore, to mention that correct posture is a prerequisite of a healthy life is not an exaggeration10). However, not enough systematic programs for posture correction are for sale to the users. Therefore, the present study aimed to present a approach for efficiently building seated posture by investigating the changes of musculoskeletal pain in students after participating a good exercise program for posture correction..

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