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Is Functional Tape really fantastic? Is it really possible to get great results, improve compliance, and make your clients happy all at duration? The answer is YES an individual apply it correctly! Please, Please, Please don't do your clients the disservice of being a YouTube Taper! YouTube tapers are the healthcare professionals who have observed Functional Tape, wanted to join the craze so they bought some tape, they'll likely sat down at their computer and watched YouTube videos of how to apply Functional Tape. All YouTube Tapers have the similar fate They try it on a couple of clients, it doesnt work, so they put the roll of tape back on the shelf and get away from using it. Why didnt it work? Its not because Functional Tape doesnt work, its because the YouTube Taper didnt understand how to apply the Functional Tape, at what tension, and for what conditions. Posture Tape Application is Specific (Not one size fits all) Tape Tension: There is a certain amount of tension to use for different purposes. For example, you apply 80% tension for pain relief and 0% tension for lymph drainage. Pre and Post Tests: Perform both before and after tests to make certain desired email address particulars are achieved instantly. If the desired effect can be not achieved, then get a new tape utility.

Direction of Tape Application: In certain instances the tape is applied from Origin to Insertion, and in other instances it is applied from Insertion to Origin. Must difference extremely important to get the best result. How to perform Posture Taping Here are two for Posture Taping that may possibly your clients have better posture. Both serve as an important reminder for customer to do a presentation or sit up straight in proper posture, instead of collapsing forward with seriousness. One belonging to the most common postural distortion patterns that present with is forward head posture with anterior rolling in the shoulders, providing a C-shaped (slumped forward) spinal curve. By placing the Posture Tape over the shoulders and shoulder it helps your clients prevent rounding forward at the shoulders or collapsing forward with the pull of gravity.

These tape applications are highly therapeutic for many clients, especially clients who are seated in front of a working computer at work, or who tend appear down at their cell phone for prolonged periods power. Expert Application Tips: For best results, start using these expert application tips for that application of Posture Mp3. These application tips help the tape remain longer and assure maximal benefits. Be sure the skin that the tape is being applied to is clean, the client is not wearing lotion, and mindful shave epidermis of the area the tape is being applied to. Proper skin preparation helps make sure the tape will stay on longer and not peel off right back. Before using the tape cut rounded edges of the tape so it doesnt catch and peel from the lemon.

The corners of the tape may well catch and peeled off if they are not rounded. Tape tension is essential for achieving the result in the tape computer program. When applying tension, however, specific the tension is on the inside center of your tape, not at the perimeters of the tape. Decrease back the tape to skin sooner if you have tension in the tape ends, or the anchors. When applying Posture Tape to the spine apply the tape bilaterally to avoid excessive stretch of the tissue on one side in the spine bad on one other. Posture Tape Application Technique #1 Cut three long I strips with rounded edges Two regarding tape that reach from the clients neck to their lower back One item of tape that goes by way of anterior associated with one shoulder to the anterior associated with the other shoulder Posture Tape is applied with 25-50% tape tension in the guts of the tape (not at the edges) Apply 2 long I strips on each side of the spine with tape tension of 25-50%.

To apply the bilateral I strips have customer flex forward at the hips, apply the tape with them flexed anteriorly To apply the long I strip across the top of back, keep client sit up in proper posture. Starting at one shoulder, apply the tape to the anterior associated with the shoulder, then continue to apply the tape $ 8k upper to be able to the anterior aspect of your opposite pay for. The Posture Tape should stay inked approximately 3-5 days. The Posture Tape will increase proprioception for the Posture System while improving Posture Habit Re-Education. Posture Tape Application Technique #2 Cut two I strips with rounded edges Posture Tape is applied with 25-50% tape tension in the very center of the tape (not at the edges) Apply 2 I strips in an X formation with the sitting up in proper posture. Begin with one component of tape and apply the anchor of the tape with the top of the shoulder as well as the base among the cervical small of the back.

The tape will end under if the scapula. Apply the second piece of tape in the same manner, beginning on your opposite shoulder and extending down below to the contralateral scapula The Posture Tape should stay applied for approximately 3-5 days. The Posture Tape will increase proprioception on the Posture System while improving Posture Habit Re-Education..

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