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A definition of good posture is necessarily much less precise than defining a horrible posture, because it will depend on what you want, and the essentially impossible to measure success. So here could be couple almost philosophical rules of thumb. Ill let Morgan Freeman start it Your best posture is the next posture. ~ Morgan Freeman A healthy posture is probably dynamic, emphasizing change and movement. Keeping active, frequently changing our posture, and experimenting with new ways of moving while using world are most likely good responses to the uncertainties of posture. It will be the same in spirit as the nutritional advice to enjoy a varied diet regime.43 Most people lead overly sedentary lives, and are overly consistent in their limited physical activity; that is, even people active at work are often active in only one way, and they should variety their own movement.

More movement no actual particular position, but more positions is unquestionably a safe bet too good begin with a healthy posture. A associated with postural behaviours will also help to strike an equilibrium between the road of least resistance and obsessive and excessive effort, neither lazy nor overzealous. Do not stray much from your comfort zone, but don't linger there either. The the probability is lousy which i actually said something gained via me. ~ Morgan Freeman.

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