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A lot of us have seen and associated with Functional Tape. Maybe you wondering whether this is an activity worth putting in your practice. Or maybe, an individual kind of implemented it into your practice, a person dont know exactly that are used for doing it or why it helps. You didnt want to miss the functional Tape Craze, so you implemented it, unsure in the actual effects. Lets look at the precise benefits, and the theories explaining why Functional Tape works. Kenzo Kase, the inventor of Kinesio Tape, explains the benefits on the utilization of Functional Tape below. 5 Benefits of Functional Tape (Kase, 1996) 1) To supply positional stimulus through the skin this makes sure that the tape helps facilitate proprioception of compromised tissues.

For patients lacking proprioception and demonstrating dysfunction, you can help them achieve local improvement of dysfunction. 2) To align fascial tissues by aligning fascial tissues, it assists associated with correction of chronic postural distortion habits. At the American Posture Institute we utilize Functional Tape for your specific purpose of posture habit re-education to re-educate poor postural habits and improve postural building. 3) Improved circulation by lifting fascia and soft tissue above area of pain or inflammation this is one good reason that Functional Tape is so good at therapeutic relief of chronically injured or compromised tissues. By lifting the tissue layer of the skin, there is increased circulation into the compromised tissue to initiate the procedure. 4) To provide sensory stimulation to assist or limit motion this provides validation for the using Functional Tape for performance benefits.

The tape assists in achieving proper motion and has demonstrated to improve muscle explosive power for high-level athletes. Dependent on the amount of tape tension utilized during the application, the tape can facilitate muscle activation or inhibit muscle spasm. 5) To help the removal of edema by directing exudates toward lymph ducts this is beneficial for patients who present with post-surgical lymphedema, the tape assists in drainage. This type of taping protocol one more beneficial for patients who present with acute edema and bruising. Since Kase (1996) released his research showing the advantages of Functional Tape, the researchers have also studied the impact. According to Huang et al.

(2011) the beneficial effects of Functional Tape include physical corrections, fascia relaxation, space recuperation, ligament and tendon support, movement rectification and lymphatic fluid circulation. 2 Theories Explaining Why Functional Tape is Effective: The first of these two main theories proposed to explain the reported functional involving Functional Tape, signifies the lifting effect allowing increased blood and lymph circulation. Increased blood and lymphatic fluid circulation from the taped area as a result of lifting effect generates a wider space among the skin and the muscle and interstitial space (Halseth et ., 2004). The improved circulation initiates the healing effect necessary to enhance chronically compromised damaged tissues. An additional theory is that Functional Tape may apply pressure or continual stretching of the skin within the taped area.

This external activation of cutaneous mechanoreceptors activates modulatory mechanisms within the central nervous system demonstrated as a rise in muscle excitability and proprioception (Gomez-Soriano, 2013). By increasing muscle excitation and proprioception, there is evidence supporting the using of Functional Tape for performance-based objectives, not just therapeutic. Have you idea of implementing Functional Tape into your practice? By adding this additional modality to your clinical tool belt, you are providing patients with further healing effects that they're going to not have achieved any other journey. Or perhaps you can simulate the same effects, but it takes up more of your respective as a busy practitioner. Functional Tape is not merely a craze, this is system of functional correction for your patients..

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