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The employment of Functional Tape has become increasingly popular in the past few years. Although the utilization of traditional taping methods to restrict range of flexion have been used for a time in rehabilitation, the utilization of Functional Tape is rather new. Kinesio Tape, among other brands, is considered Functional Tape. Induct traditional taping methods that restrict associated with motion, used when patients are hypermobile, functional taping doesn't restrict range of movement. Functional taping has many different uses, and can be handy to patients associated with levels of postural fitness. Functional taping has gained popularity. A popular mindset shift from reactive care to functional care has developed into apparent.

Recent movements in healthcare and workout protocols include functional movements, functional patterns, functional training, and functional exercise standards. The utilization of Functional Tape fits appropriately within this paradigm that your patients are familiar with. Functional Tape has gained its popularity on this premise of improved aspect. While improving function, research demonstrates how the tape is also effective for correcting primary postural distortion patterns when utilized as an ancillary component of a complete posture correction protocol. Your clients want Posture Tape. Find Top 3 Reasons Why: 1) Immediate Relief: Whether you are employing tape for therapeutic benefit for chronic pain or to help with structural postural correction, your clients will feel immediate relief when the tape is applied securely.

If your clients dont feel immediate changes that secure the clinical objective you are hoping to achieve, customize the taping protocol or tape tension. Clients should instantly feel the harness the tape. Get feedback from them immediately after the application, they will say things like I feel straighter when using tape to enhance postural correction, or Will take a very less pressure after i walk for therapeutic relief of this condition. 2) Quick Application, High Benefit: Let's admit it; clients dont have hours to spend in your office environment. In addition to the postural correction treatments and the posture rehabilitation that patients are already doing in your office, they lack time for other therapies unless the procedure has a quick application and renders high benefits. When the client feels subjective benefits, sees objective changes, and recognizes that the investment of time and energy in the treatment therapy is small, they will be going to compliant to your recommendations.

3) Social Proof: Functional Tape hit the sports scene with a beat! We all remember watching the summer Olympics and seeing high-level professional athletes wearing bright colored tape in different formations on their bodies. This was not the old-school white, restrictive ankle tape we were all used to, consider the 63 neon colored shoulder tape with multiple strips. It caught our eye, however it caught the attention of your clienteles. The social proof professional athletes utilizing this tape triggered a desire for clients to test it too. The social proof is furthermore there. Support your clients belief systems on what they are familiar with, and all of them achieve the involving health they desire with Posture Tape.


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