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With Postural Neurology you will in the end master the neurology of your Posture System. Postural Neurology will multiply your level of Clinical Certainty so you might get Better Results than ever previously! Stop Guessing and Start Knowing Course Description Postural Neurology is a 30-hour online course to learn the neurology of the Posture System, Brain Based Posture Analysis, and Brain Based Postural Correction. This course consists of five modules teaching students modern concepts of neurology which they relate to posture and human succeed. Participants finish the course with implementable brain based postural analysis and correction practices. Module 1: In the first module participants are introduced to Postural Neurology and identify the important role that posture played in human evolution. They learn the role of upright, bipedal posture and its impact on brain function. Then they get the impact of technology on postural de-evolution and Digital Dementia.

These concepts are relevant to stylish patients, and only will continue to get worse and affect far more in the future years. This module also introduces the concepts of Brain Lateralization distinguishing key characteristics of the right and left hemispheres in the brain, the pain sensation Neuromatrix Theory that pain is your past brain this particular overcome pain you must reduce is going to be of stress to the body, and also the connection belonging to the Posture System with emotions and neuroendocrine function. Posture and emotions affect hormonal release related to the neuroendocrine system. Module 1 sets the scene for Postural Neurology and introduces students to key concepts of the importance of posture and neurologic function. This module explains the why or the relevancy of Postural Neurology as it pertains to society. Module 2: Module 2 is Neurology 101.

This module provides important insight of neuroanatomy and neurophysiology. Participants motives role of important neurologic anatomy of your central and peripheral nervous systems, like the lobes of the brain, the basal ganglia, the thalamus, and the peripheral Posture System. Within this module participants gain confidence in understanding neurology. It is put together in a better way that is wise and that highlights essentially the most important associated with the neuroanatomy that is indirectly tied to posture. Testimonials are provided with each aspect of this neurologic system covered in Neurology 101 with an emphasis of how each part of the neurologic system pertains to posture. Module 3: The third module is of utmost importance everybody posture the pros.

Entitled Neurology of your Posture System, this module takes an in-depth dive into understanding the precise neurologic systems that play a role in upright postural design and dynamic postural stabilization. This module specifically covers the motor cortex, the sensory cortex, the cerebellum, the visual system, the vestibular system, the spinal tracts, as well as the ponto-medullary reticular formation. Per piece of anatomy an outline of framework and function is furnished with a breakdown of how each aspect contributes to upright posture and the connection with other aspects of the neurology controlling the Posture Software program. Module 3 is the premise for Modules 4 and 5, let's consider clinical application modules. In Module 3 students make important connections of nervous system function and postural design. This module ties it all together by drawing direct correlations of neurologic function and postural device.

The neuro-circuitry of upright and dynamic posture become clear from a concise and easy to understand manner. Module 4: Module 4 is all about clinical software application! In this module students learn how to perform a single Brain Based Posture Analysis to localize the Origin of Distortion within the Posture Procedure. This evaluation comprehensively analyzes function of component in the neurology contributing to postural stabilization and loan balance. Plus, participants learn how to complete a neurologic evaluation and posture analysis to ascertain the precise regarding Neural Capacity that affected person presents from. In addition to learning the brain Based Posture Analysis to look for the Origin of Distortion and level of Neural Capacity on the pioneer visit and follow up examinations, Module 4 covers the Neuro Scan. The Neuro Scan is come with each treatment visit to investigate brain function in relation to the Posture System in 3 minutes of less! The Neuro Scan shows you exactly what the patient presents with on each visit to personalize treatment protocols will be highly effective and patient-specific.

Health care professionals and patients have perceived instant both before and after changes utilizing Neuro Search within. This ensures the clinician that their treatment protocol was effective and demonstrates to the patient immediate neurologic changes on each drop by. Module 5: Module 5 is packed with clinical treatment protocols. In Module 4 students learn how to identify where the dysfunction is found within the neurology of the Posture Plan. Once the Origin of Distortion is identified using Brain Based Posture Analysis and the Neuro Scan, then participants learn specific Brain Based Postural Rehabilitation treatment protocols to make neuroplastic changes of the Posture Pc. Brain Based Posture Rehabilitation is in accordance with the Eyes Spine Vestibular model of correction.

Visual and eye movement training improves postural orientation and head posture, spinal alignment is for optimal sensorimotor integration on the list of sensory and motor cortices for proper movement patterns, and vestibular rehabilitation is for upright postural extension and improved balance and sense of balance. Health care professionals learn Manipulation Movement Stimulation protocols to a target the correction of the Origins of Distortion on the list of neurology of the Posture Method. Plus, an explanation with examples is provided of tips on how to create treatment plans that stimulate neuroplasticity for long-term postural correction improvements. At the conclusion of Module 5 implementation success strategies are provided showing participants how whole implement Postural Neurology any kind of office space regardless of physical size and the quantity staff members they have. Implementation is last component of Module 5 to help students successfully implement their high level of knowledge and clinical application obtained contrary to the Postural Neurology course. Certification Upon successful completion from the Postural Neurology course, medical care professional will have a very certification away from the American Posture Institute and the official title of Certified Postural Neurologist (CPN).

Certification requirements include completing each module, a passing grade on each belonging to the quizzes (one quiz per module), as well as a passing grade on ultimate examination. Ultimate examination is comprehensive present understanding from the neurology with the Posture System and competency of Brain Based Posture Analyses and Brain Based Postural Correction treatment iphone app. Course Format Postural Neurology is a 100% online course, meaning it could be completed everywhere that has internet attachment. This course is self-paced allowing participants locate at their very own speed with a time schedule that suitable for their needs. Their progress is tracked online when they have lifetime access towards the course material to refer back to videos if needed and to accomplish direct associated with any course updates. After registering for the course the student will be given a unique username and password to login to their My Posture Courses course room area.

From here the student has instructions of how to navigate precisely room, access to their bonus materials, to be able to their workbooks to download for taking notes with each module, each and every the teaching videos within each module, and regarding the quizzes and final examination. Investment The price of the Postural Neurology course is valued at $4500. With Open Enrollment, students can register in the discounted rate of $1997, plus these are eligible to bonuses priced at more than $7000. Payment plans will also available to the needs of all students. Is offering a minimal investment for your return on patient results and practice growth..

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