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The Vagus Nerve The Vagus Nerve, Cranial Nerve X, is a long cranial nerve extending in the brainstem to the abdomen. Due to its long course, the Vagus Nerve is commonly referred to as the Wandering Nerve. It is involved in sensory and motor activity as well as parasympathetic functions. The Vagus Nerve is definitely an important cranial nerve of the nervous system to coordinate parasympathetic function. Parasympathetic output stimulates health, relaxation, and better function of vital bodily organs. What happens in Vagus, stays in Vagus or does it? The parasympathetic nervous will be commonly referred to as the Rest and Digest or Feed and Breed network. This system, unlike the sympathetic system for Fight or Flight is for relaxation of the mind along with the body.

When patients are formed in a parasympathetic state, these people less stressed out. Having a reduction of stress is really a better ability to get used to changes within the environment. The branchial motor projections of the Vagus Nerve provide motor output into the pharynx and the larynx. Innervation of pharyngeal muscles is for swallowing and ca be clinically tested with the gag reaction. Innervation of laryngeal muscles controls the vocal cords for speaking and singing. The parasympathetic motor projections are descending pathways coming initially from the dorsal motor nucleus and project to the back via the cardiac branches, pulmonary branches, gastric branch, and the intestinal side.

Vagus Nerve FunctionsVagus Nerve Function Due to almost all of the projections on the Vagus Nerve, it also helps achieve the following functions: Relaxation of human body Modulation of respiratory function Decreased price Motor creation of the pharynx and larynx Communication within the brainstem and abdomen for digestive and gut functions The Vagus Nerve communicates with the Nucleus Tractus Solitarius, which can the cardiorespiratory center of the central neurological system. For this reason, proper function of the Vagus Nerve is vital for proper respiratory and cardiovascular part. Compromised function within the Vagus Nerve can have a negative impact on your patients health together with their ability to function optimally. Compromised function of the Vagus Nerve can have a negative impact on your patients as well as wellness their ability to function perfectly. Another important function from the Vagus Nerve, in comparison to its posture, is digestion and gut function. Posture while eating affects how the enteric nervous system digests food (Hirota et al.

, 2002). Slouching results in peristaltic waves to be irregular which enable it to even lock food in one place among the digestive system, causing irritation (David, 1991). Alignment of the spine in a position to a precursor to experiencing biological and psychological fullness as well (David, 1991). Stress affects digestion. Proper posture and parasympathetic output are a consideration for gut and GI option. Stimulation of your Vagus Nerve Vagal Nerve stimulation is very for better health and performance of your patients.

3 Approaches to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve: Humming and singing to stimulate the vocal cords Chanting OM during meditation and mindfulness practices Breathing training to control slow, deep respiration.

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